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Materials & Jewelry Care



Sterling Silver

Pure silver, also called fine silver, consists of 99.9% silver. It is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged. It has to be combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. At Renah Jae, jewelry is made of 92.5% Sterling Silver with a mix of copper and zinc alloy to the remaining 7.5% to make it more resistant to damage and scratches. We strive to use the finest quality materials in the industry to craft each piece so that your Renah Jae purchases can be treasured forever. All of our jewelry is plated with a high quality layer of 18K Gold and Rhodium and an extra clear coating on top to keep your RJ pieces lasting longer.


Jewelry Care

It is completely natural for sterling silver to oxidize over time and gold layered pieces to fade to a light gold colour. If they are exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers, this process is quicker. As it’s certainly tempting to wear your Renah Jae jewellery all the time, we recommend removing them when doing any of the following activities excessively:

Exercising, showering and swimming
Applying perfumes, lotions, oils etc.
Swimming (chlorine can often have a negative effect on plating over time)
Cleaning - especially with harsh chemicals


Carefully wipe jewelry with a soft cloth when necessary. Keep your piece in a sealed bag to keep oxygen at bay.



Care for Herringbone

The herringbone chain is a unique and intricate piece that requires special care to keep it in its best condition. It is normal to see kinks and dents occur with wear. We recommend you remove the chain when exercising, showering or sleeping.  

Do not hang additional charms or pendants from the chain. This can add too much weight to the center of the chain and cause misshapen links.

The chain must always be stored flat to keep its shape.