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Everything You Need to Know About Ear Stacking



Curate Your Own Ear Stack

The ear stack trend is all about using multiple earrings together to "stack" them on the ear. Building your ear stack collection takes time, but you will love the pieces you've curated for your ears. You can experiment with mixing hoops, studs, huggies and ear cuffs based on your personality and style. Which ever vibe you are after, you can be sure it's represented in each staple jewelry item you own.


At RJ, we love layering and stacking our jewelry together - for everyday wear and special occasions. We've curated a list below of our favourite ways to stack our ears. Remember, you change your style everyday, so mix and match like you live your life - with no regrets.


 1. Play With Different Combinations

Lobe, 1st Hole: Crescent Hoop Earrings  $48
Lobe, 2nd Hole: Mini Claw Earrings  $40

2. Go For Minimal  

Lobe, 1st Hole: Double Band Hoop Earrings  $40
Lobe, 2nd Hole: Cluster Stone Hoops  $48

3. Never Enough Hoops 

Lobe, 1st Hole: Double Hoop Earrings  $54
Lobe, 2nd Hole: Stone Hoops $48
Lobe, 3rd Hole:  Cluster Stone Hoops  $48  

4. Try Various Lengths and Shapes

Lobe, 1st Hole: Drop Stone Chain Earrings  $54
Lobe, 2nd Hole: Stone Hoops  $48
Lobe, 3rd Hole:  Cluster Stone Hoops  $48

5. Add an Ear Cuff_    

Lobe, 1st Hole: Molten Hoop Earrings  $44
Lobe, 2nd Hole: Small Chain Earrings  $48

Are you inspired by our ear stacks above? Curate your own ear stack at our Ear Bar.